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Jazmin- Hey! I thought it would be a cool idea to use this page to go in an organize and describe various internship roles and opportunitiesthat the CWS IL can offer. 


Content Creator

College Ambassador

Rather than have one long intern/vol. description as found on our website. 

Want to join the team? The CWS Incubation Lab is looking for interns who want to develop their practical skills and be involved in different ways under the direct supervision of the organization’s Executive Vice President. The majority of this work may be conducted virtually, although candidates who wish to work on-site in the organization’s Incubation lab New York office may be able to do so. We are looking for interns to be involved with one of our two main positions which are as follows but not limited to:

Be a College Ambassador

We are constantly researching new, creative ways of incorporating innovation within humanitarianism. We are looking at creating a partnership with college groups/organizations with the same goal, creating a better world.


The ambassador role will work as a liaison between the Incubation Lab, and their college. With the collective network, name and resources of our global organization combined with the ingenuity, manpower and access to young, ambitious minds, the possibilities for innovation are endless.

Private-Public Partnerships

As we continue to research new, creative ways of incorporating innovation within humanitarianism, we do this is through new partnerships. There are many ideas and potential projects underway (collaborating with a local artists and partnering with the private sector to enhance current programs) along with other potential concepts that require more in-depth research.


CWS programs work across the global to tackle issues along many planes and are constantly looking for ways to solve everyday issues with practical solutions. We are looking for someone who can help to connect the dots between a problem, a solution and whom will tie those together in a new, sustainable way.

100 Mile Walk Intern

The 100-mile walk is a yearly event with the following objectives:

  • Engage business and community leaders in community-building and volunteerism;

  • Raise awareness about hunger, food, nutrition, and poverty;

  • Highlight the work of the thousands of volunteers for CWS’s CROP Hunger walks;

  • Raise funds for CWS programs.


In this project, the Intern will learn the application of community organizing in the real world by providing support for this year’s walk beginning ASAP with a preferred 4 month commitment. Estimated time spent on the walk’s preparations will be a minimum of 10 hours a week, rising to 15-20+ hours when the walk commences this coming summer.

Communications & Web development Intern

We have created a few different easy-to-use interfaces to increase engagement and community for a wide range of audiences. We are looking for tech savvy college and graduate students who are looking to apply their knowledge of web page designs/maintenance and app development.


Via our app, we are looking at ways to incorporate a number of different engagement projects (100 Mile Walk, fundraising, social justice campaigns). We are looking at how Gamification and the “social good” can intersect for high humanitarian achievement in our lifetime.

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