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Our Impact

 Our goal is simple, but our impact is great.

Since 2018 when we launched our official CWS Global App, we've partnered with some great people to make big strides in our world. Scroll down and see for yourself.

How it works:

With each redeemed reward, one of our generous donors make a donation to one our highlighted CWS Global projects.


Total Campaigns


Total Rewards Reedemed


Total Individual Gifts Made

In the past 2 years, the following gifts have been donated to CWS 

programs around the world. Over $13,000 has been donated by

way of redeemed rewards and an additional $3,500 has been donated by our users to support all CWS programs.

The Donations


Disaster Preparedness

633 individual gifts have been made to 

communities to help them prepare for the next emergency. This includes 

disaster preparedness training in 

Myanmar & Indonesia and concrete blocks & columns to build stronger homes in Haiti.

Photo credit: Paul Jeffrey


Refugee Services

975 services include things like bus transportation for a week for refugees resettled in the U.S., health center visits in Jakarta, Indonesia for unaccompanied minors and tea/a hot meal for newly arrived refugees in Serbia.

Photo credit: Shane Nelson  

RS18194_Feb'19_Vietnam_Students reading


481 items and services include things like books for children in Vietnam, literacy classes for Roma women in Serbia and loans & savings training programs for women in Indonesia's rural villages.


Health & Nutrition

361 of these programs/items are centered around diversifying & supporting home gardening and sending seeds & poultry coupled with cooking/farming demos on how utilizing the land and new foods effectively. Additionally it includes cans of corn to farmers in Haiti. Photo credit: Joel Cooper


Kits Kits Kits

115 CWS School kits, hygiene kits, clean-up buckets and blankets have been restocked and are ready to be sent out whenever emergencies call for them.



74 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene comes in the form of hot water in schools Moldova, access to clean & safe water, and additional toilets in schools in Kenya.


Emotional Support

42 This comes by way of counseling and emotional support services for Nicaraguan women who are targets of violence as well as drop-in shelters for Roma children, a highlight marginalized group in Serbia.

Where We Work

The CWS has a global impact with a twist. We work to support our overarching organization in the various projects happening around the world! With the help of our donors and app users, we are able to help support these projects and the people that they serve. 

Hover over the icons on the map to learn more about your impact there!

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