100 Mile Walk Initiative

The 100 Mile Hunger Walk is an annual event founded by CWS's Executive Vice President, Maurice Bloem, in 2012 to raise awareness and funds to fight hunger around the world.


Inspired by the spirit of volunteerism behind the CWS-sponsored CROP Hunger Walk, a community-organized charity event that takes place in over 800 locations across the U.S. each year, Bloem set out on his own journey.

The walk has a few key purposes:

(1) to raise awareness about hunger, poverty, displacement and disasters. (2) to celebrate and promote volunteerism, because doing anything for free is big deal & (3) to raise funds to end hunger, poverty, displacement and disasters.

A few years back...

we decided to ask our participants to reflect and walk in solidarity with those who walk an average of 8 miles a day to access clean water, food and to get to work or school. We also began asking people to donate their miles walked. 


Their miles will be added to our collective goal of 821,000 walked miles by 2030 which are inline with the Global Goals plan to eradicate hunger by 2030. We chose 821,000 because it represents the 821 million people in our world who don't have enough to eat.


Through the addition of our app as a means to continue engagement and give our followers a simple way to donate their miles and do good, we have collected more than 120,000 miles. This is fantastic! But to reach our goal we need YOUR help and your miles. So walk with us and walk with purpose.

Our Next Walk

The 100 Mile Walk started as a way for Bloem to put his feet where his heart is.


How does it work?

Bloem walks 100 miles in a week through various CWS and CROP communities meeting volunteers, beneficiaries, donors, local artists and officials to discuss global hunger. 


Our 2020 walk marks the 9th year that we walk in solidarity with those who walk on average 4 miles a day to get to work, school or to simply to fetch clean water for drinking and cooking. The dates are yet to be determined, but in the meantime, there are a number of ways you can continue to get involved to show your support and help us end hunger around the world as well as in our own backyards.

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A new campaign centered around Emergency Response starts January 10.

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