Who We Are

The CWS Innovation Hub was conceptualized in response to these changing demands. We strive to become experts at designing and implementing groundbreaking new projects, facilitating collaborative partnerships, and trying out new solutions to complex and deep-rooted problems. Our philosophy is that we can benefit both from the strength of our experience and our willingness to venture into new territory.

We hope to promote a culture of cooperation and creativity in the development field and the nonprofit sector as a whole, starting with CWS, while developing deep, personal working relationships.​

CWS Innovation Hub’s mandate is to investigate, explore & experiment innovation initiatives. The intent is to be able to “inject” proven strategic initiatives into CWS, in order to further drive effectiveness & efficiencies.

Our Mission

We strive to develop innovative new projects that engage diverse communities in building a better world. We look for effective new vehicles for fundraising through better engagement from diverse audiences, leverage technology & forging new partnerships.

Make a Donation

We can't create a better world without you. Every dollar you donate goes to provide CWS programs around the world with additional resources, staffing & training that is so crucial in fighting back to ending hunger and creating a world where there is enough for all.

What We Do

Here at the CWS Innovation Hub, we have one goal, to do good and help others learn how they can make the world a little better through everyday simple steps. Being a global humanitarian isn't limited to making a donation (though we will never turn down your financial support!), it's about making a conscious effort every day to be good and do good. We want to create a world where there is #Enough4All, but we know that we are greater as one so we created ways for you to get involved without having to leave your couch. From easy ways to stay informed to taking it to the next level and volunteering, anyway you want and can give back, we've got it! Check our the links below and #LiveWithPurpose

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Want to do good, but don't have a lot of time? Check out our CWS Global App!



Our Walk Talk Listen Podcast is an attempt to connect people and make this world a bit better by sharing opinions and experiences based on the belief that everyone’s perspective is true albeit partial. 

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Looking for an internship or want to volunteer with us?

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Our Partner Organization: Religica

Our Commendations


We are thrilled to announce that the 100 Mile Hunger Walk has been awarded the 2020 Pioneers in SDGs: Change Maker Award by The Journalists and Writers Foundation at the 2020 United Nations General Assembly.