Play With Purpose

We have developed an app called CWS Global and its’ very essence is to help give people, like yourself, a chance to help others on your own terms.

The app works like this: After a long day, open up our app & click on 'Log Miles' to register the miles you've walked for the day.

The more active you are, the more levels you unlock. 

Each level unlocks a new way to do good!

But what does "Do Good" really mean?

As you level up, you have the chance to redeem rewards in which we donate to various CWS programs around the world FOR YOU.

Seriously, it's that easy.

No more miles to log in for the day?  

No Problem!

There are a number of videos and articles released each week that are relevant to our campaign! The best part that while you are catching up on the latest news, you are also earning points that help you redeem CWS-Sponsored rewards!

Our Current Campaign

COVID-19 A.K.A The Coronavirus


Starting on April 20th and running through till July, the main focus of the next CWS Global App campaign will be on COVID-19.

Although we are in a global pandemic, we don't want you spending your days in fear. We are here to help you understand the virus, how to manage your daily life and how to stay informed on the important issues. We know things can't be business as usual anymore, but we are adapting and we are still working to fight for justice and to build strong communities.

As always, we will share more ways for you to get involved because we are #GreaterAs1.

At the Incubation Lab, we are all about working through partnerships. Thanks to our generous partners and donors, we are able to provide the funds for every redeemed reward via our app. The more you walk and learn, the more rewards you can unlock meaning the more money that will be donated to CWS programs around the world to build strong communities in a world where there is enough for all.

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